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Layout of Atramentous Ascent

Once I have made all of my sketches for a piece of work, I like to choose the background wood, and lay all of the drawings out to get a feel of the overall composition of the piece. This composition will go through many different stages before its done, but I like to get a feel for the size of the piece and make sure all the of the elements are working well together. You can see here that most of my drawings are done on velm. I will use these drawings to make my clay slabs. I find that the velm doesnt warp as much on wet clay. I make 2 drawings. One is for the outline shape of the subject and one is detail. After the shap is cut out of the slab and layered with slip, I lay my detail drawing on top of it and poke tiny holes through all the lines as a guide for my carving.


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