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Eastern Starlings

This little birdy is just one part of a much large piece I am working on.

The bird was carved to look like an Eastern or European Starling, which is an invasive spieces to SWFL. I know their probably out competing some of the native spieces of birds, and reeking all kinds of havoc, but I can't help to stop and stare at these birds as the flock on telephone wires and in parking lots. Their speckled green and purple iridencent feathers remind me of pin stripped suits, and their yellow bills are always so brillant. I can't help but have a soft spot for these little pests.

I am most interested in how they flock together. What initiates it, who's leading who? Sometimes the group will split or divide into subsequent groups and then rejoin later. Much to my surprise it reminded me of my passing thoughts and ideas. They have come to symbolize a flow of consciousness, sometimes invited and sometimes invasive.


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