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This is a mock-up for a artwork that I will be revealing at my upcoming show.

The title is Blackwater. The work is about my most holy experiance to date - walking through the Fakahatchee Strand. I was wadding in coffee colored water just above my waste. I stoped and felt my feet slowly start to sink into the sediment. I stood there for 5 minutes, capturing this excerance with all of my senses. Smelling the earthy fragrancy of rotting leaf matter, tree sap, new rain, and nearby orchid perfume. My finger tips touched the surface of the cool water, I heard a bird fly by and saw the light trickle of sunlight bleed down from the canopy. As I sunk lower into the merk I thought if I could just be swallowed up by this blackwater, everything would be okay. It would be like returning to a womb. This is were I belong. Even though I don't know what lies beneath the waters surface.

That is part of the wadding Fakahatchee experiance, your never sure weather you are going to place your foot down on a sunken log, or an alligator snapping turtle. I've come to peace with that, to let nature take its course.

If you ever get the chance to go to the Fakahatchee Strand, it is a worth while experiance.

This is gonna be my biggest piece to date. It sould be about 8' x 4' when it is done. Come back for a post of the finished piece!

#newartwork #artshow

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